too little too late

i have a sister that i consider as evil as hillary, yet she lives across the field here in a million dollar house with all the money she will need in her life. i am here with not enough money to buy a hamburger! just across the field, here in America! life is about choices. it seems to me that evil people make better choices, oh for themselves i mean.. when she was 19 she found her a BF who's father was substantial, money wise, in this community. our Father (rest his soul) loved for his girls to date somebody he thought was somebody. so, she married him.  didn't love him, just married him.  HIM died 8 yrs ago. now she reaps the benfits of his death and money.. MEon the other hand didn't think about choices. i let my heart be my guide. or to be truthful my vj. i dated BFs that weren't suitable by dear old Dad.  got PG at 17 didn't marry the sperm donor but another,(he knew) and have live in hell ever since.  ie. no money, no respect not even from my kids. the so called choices for me were made by my parents to do that.  i regret it. what i do have that my evil sister doesn't is a heart, compassion for others.  that i will take to my dying bed.  

at the same time, i'm guilty of being a little green eyed. my older self now knows i deserved more. it's too late for me. i'm too old to go any where now. starvin in self pity isn't going to help me either, but i can't help but wish i had had the brains to make better choices for my future.  Just saying...have a good day..yay 

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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    I can’t imagine marrying someone I didn’t love!

    November 01, 2016
    1. jjj22

      Maybe that’s one reason she’s evil? or was she evil to began with? just asking my self. since she is the one who throw the cats in the fire, i’d have to guess evil is her name form birth. but we came from a dysfunctional family. go figure..

      November 01, 2016