ignorance in the preacher man

today while watching (just for fun), jimmy swaggart on tv. among other things I consider him to be ignorant in..he said he didn't have any time for people on food stamps getting money to buy liquior. he assumed they can get money from the food stamp card. they can't. only food, no toilet paper, cigs, paper towels, etc. if it's not edible, they can't buy it. you see what he really means is people who are unfortunate to be poor and getting food stamps shouldn't drink alcohol. so discrimation against poor people who drank? i disagree. i don't mean to imply that i think it's Ok to be a drunk and getting food stamps. possilbly one could cause the other. > so many folks are poor due to circumstances not of their own.  most don't want to depend on the gov to feed them. it causes them to feel cheap and low and they get off  asap. we never know what our future holds for us, especially if one has a small business and it goes down.  they lose their whole life as a result. they lose thier pride their self worth all money put into it and many, many friends and most important they lose their credibility in this country. this means they are not permitted to restart.  since these folks only know how to do "their" business, they are forced to join the workforce of low income. thus to pay rent, utilities, food, insurances including health, car and household. of course by now they've cashed in their life insurance. our fam blames each other for our crisis, knowing that is childish, but we have to vent our feelings of hatred toward somebody!.. hatred?, u might ask. let me explain...when you work hard all you life and lose it all in one day, that makes one hates the people involved in your demise. material things, they say, don't mean anything. yes they do. we may leave with our minds still intact, but our spirit is broken.so going back to the food stamp thing..we qualified for food stamps. we live in a poor county of ky. they offered us 11.00 a month. the nearest gro store is 20 mi. i don't think it's worth the gas and time, but i appreciate the offer..LOL.. we are surviving, not the best, but surviving.  tomorrow is my son's birthday and it's a shame I couldn't buy him something, but he knows and understands. I did bake a cake for him today. that's all my heart!    

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